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Shares prices tumbled in Asia on Monday after Wall Street’s share price drop last Friday

Shares prices tumbled in Asia on Monday Mar 25. The drop in Asia is being linked to the Friday Mar 22 drop on North American Stock Markets. The Japan’s Nikkei Index dropped over 3%. The Hong Kong market’s Hang Seng Index dropped over 2%.

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Surprising that the Market Indexes on US exchanges have held steady all morning (some have a minor rise in their Index). It’s lunch time and so trading drops off and we will see what happens after 3PM EST.

I’m surprised that the US Stock Market Indexes have not had a rather Down day today. When the markets tank on a Friday, often that does negatively impact trading the following Monday. We’ll see how the day ends.

Click on this link to visit the CNN Business website to view their page of Stock Market results in Asia for Monday Mar 25.


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Inverted Yield Curve indicates that a Recession is coming!

An Inverted Yield Curve has historically been a reliable signal that a Recession is on its way! You get an Inverted Yield Curve when short-term yields are higher than longer-term yields.

The Dow Index dropped over 460 points today Fri Mar 22 2019. The S&P Index fell 1.9% and the Nasdaq dropped 2.5%. The Russell 200 fell over 3.6%.

Click on this link to visit the Nasdaq website and view the Stock Market Indices.

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A drop in the Stock Markets on a Friday


People will have Sat and Sun to get worried. When Investors get worried they tend to Sell. I believe that Monday Mar 25 will be another down day in the Stock Markets.

Next Monday’s drops should be greater than today’s drops.

Click on this link to visit the CNBC website to read their news article titled “Dow drops more than 450 points, S&P 500 posts worst day since January amid global growth worries“.

Posted by: Vincent Banial

Stock Market Rally begins. IMHO this is a Sucker Rally.

The Stock Markets rose today. This rally should continue. It may even reach higher highs than what was seen in 2018 (though I doubt that new highs will be made).

IMHO this is Sucker rally to allow Deep Pockets to offload their equity holdings before the coming CRASH.

The rise should continue into Feb – Mar. Then the Fed will raise Interest Rates. Within a month of the next Interest Rate Hike, IMHO the world’s Stock Markets will reverse into a Massive Long Term Correction.

Beware the Ides of March!

Before the end of 2019 Europe and the United States will be in a Recession. By 2020 the Recession will deepen and spread across the Globe.

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Do your own Due Diligence. Always get advice from your own Stock Market Advisor before placing money bets at the Stock Market Casinos, because you can lose money – even all of it.

Scott Minerd, sees a looming 40% Stock Market Correction followed by a Recession

Scott Minerd, Global Chief Investment Officer at Guggenheim Partners, sees a looming 40% Stock Market Correction.

I would call a “40% Stock Market Correction“, a pretty major “Stock Market Crash“.

That could be followed by a Recession, due to rising Interest Rates.

Scott Minerd has warned that the Stock Market is on a “Collision Course with Disaster“.

Video is couretsy of the CNBC YouTube channel.

Click on this link: to visit the CNBC website to read their article titled: “Guggenheim investment chief sees a recession and a 40% plunge in stocks ahead

Aurora Cannabis order for 1 million shares filled at open Dec 29 at $9.25 per share

Update: 1 Million shares of ACB Aurora Cannabis Inc filled at open Dec 29 at $9.25 per share.

IMHO this stock should Gap up when the markets open after New Years. Nice moves on a Friday before a Holiday, often are pre-cursors to nice moves when the markets reopen.

This post is not meant to be any kind of investment advice. Please do your own Due Diligence and speak to your own Licensed Financial Advisor beofre placing any bets at the Stockl markat casinos. You can lose money, possibly all of it.

Aurora Cannabis Inc breaking out on the Toronto Stock Exchange

On Dec 29 I will purchase one million shares of ACB (Aurora Cannabis Inc) at the open price for our Test Portfolio.

On Dec 28 the price closed at $8.94 per share.

My Sell Stop will be at $8.50

Risk will be $0.44 per share. Target Sell price IMHO could hit $14 per share. Risk vs Reward in my opinion is interesting.

This post is not Investment Advice to buy shares of Aurora Cannabis Inc on the Toronto Stock Excahnge or on Nasdaq. Do your own Due Diligence and speak to your own investment advisor before placing any bets at the Stock Market Casinos. You could lose money, possibly all of it.


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50% to 60% Market Correction was discussed by John Hussman who had called the Tech Crash of 2000. Watch your Sell Stops.

Posted by: Vincent Banial

Heads Up.
Watch your Sell Stops.

Talk about a 50% to 60% (or more)
Stock Market Correction (CRASH).

Back in Jan 2017 the Huffington Post ran an article in which Robert Shiller discussed the similarity between President Trump and past U.S. President Calvin Coolidge. After President Coolidge left the Oval Office, the1929 Market Crash happened.

Fortune has now posted an article about John Hussman which was titled: “Famed Investor Predicts Historic Market Drop.

Video is courtesy of the Tip TV Finance YouTube channel

Click on this link to read a prior post by John Hussman titled “Estimating the Risk of a Market Crash.”

Click on this link to read the latest post by John Hussman where he details that there could be a U.S. Stock market Correction in the order of a 50% to 60% (last paragraph).

Click on this link to visit the Wikipedia page about the 1929 Stock Market Crash.

Disclaimer: The above post does not provide Investment Advice. Speak to your own Investment Advisor before placing any bets in the Stock Markets. Do Your Own DUE DILIGENCE. The above post is for entertainment purposes only.

When the Sunspot Cycle peaks, so could the stock market based on the Dow30 index

This is one way to possibly forecast how the US Stock Market (Dow 30 Index) could be doing. Check a Historical DOW30 Index chart to see when the Peaks occurred. Then check the Sunspot Cycle chart below.

Sunspot chart is courtesy of our friends at NASA at the Marshall Space Flight Center.

Click on this Link to display a Historic Chart of the DOW30 Index courtesy of the site (sorry but can’t get the embed code to auto display).

Sunspots run in cycles and In My Opinion so does the US Stock Market (your mileage may of course differ).

Posted by: Vincent Banial

Disclaimer: The above is not meant as Financial or Investment advice. I am not a registered Financial or Investment advisor. Do your own Due Diligence. Always seek out the advice from your own Financial and Investment Professionals before placing any bets at the Financial Markets casinos called the Stock Market. You can lose money, possibly all of it, when buying and selling or trading stocks. The above is not a recommendation to buy or sell the DOW30 Index or any other stock. The above post is for Entertainment purposes only.

Made my first Equity Trade in a long time

Wow, what a reminder. I have not traded stocks in far too long. Last night I tried setting up some charting software. Checked my old trading PC.

Today I setup a laptop which will be dedicated to Trading and Investing. Everything worked. A lot of very fond memories came flooding back. Some of the stocks which I had played in the past were in play today – up over 10%.

Level 2 Bid Ask screen was a joy to see again. I never realized how much I missed doing this.

My trading was based on self taught Technical Analysis. Research is something that I had learned to appreciate when I worked under at IBM Head Office. Research can open doors. Trading and investing is essentially psychological and I know a fair bit about that. Spending time researching obscure trading ideas paid off. Now all I have to do is refresh the memory cells.

It was funny looking at charts, some of old thinking came back.It’s about playing when the odds are in your favour and sitting back and “doing nothing” when they are not. People generally over trade, because they miss the thrill ( I understand that one today) or they want to pay the market back after taking a loss.

Anyhow, the trade got filled. It was a real buzz watching the Bid Ask Level2 to get an idea where the price was gonna go.

I can’t believe how much I missed this.

Have to get AmiBroker setup (love that software) and other pgms. I even have thoughts of setting up my Trading Room again.

Look for more Trading and Investing oriented posts.

One Penny Stock which I had played in the past (no longer own shares of it) was ULI.V UltraLithium trading in Vancouver. It came up on my brokers screen (I think that years back I had added it to the watch list). I’ve included a link to a chart of ULI.V, thanks to the good folks at ULI.V would have been a really nice trade in Feb 2016 when the Moving Averages crossed. Moving Average crosses do work, but I would have confirmed that signal with other stuff like the Commodity Channel Index behaviour. Just click on the link below to view the chart of ULI.V

I feel like a kid being let loose in a huge Candy Store.

USA TODAY: “Market crash robs $2.3T from investors”

They have dropped the price of Crude Oil to help bolster Western economies. Had the price of Oil not dropped, then IMHO we would have had a major Stock market Crash last year – 1929 style. Thankfully we have not “Yet” had a Stock Market Crash.

The US employment figures are a figment of the Government’s Imagination. There are record numbers of Americans (over 94 Million) who “stopped” looking for work. Why? Because they could NOT find any….

A new article posted by USA Today, goes into some detail of the stocks which fell in price.

Please click on this line to read the USA Today post titled “Market crash robs $2.3T from investors”.

I just hope that they can continue to drop the price of Crude Oil. That is the only thing which in my opinion is propping everything up.


Posted by: Vincent Banial

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