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eTrade Survey results show that Deep Pockets are concerned that more Stock Market Volatility to come in 2019

I called it a Sucker Rally. That is the current rise in the US Stock markets, so far in 2019.

Seems that I am not alone in being concerned that there is more volatility to come in 2019.

Click on this link to visit the CNBC website to read their article about the recent eTrade Survey results which is titled “E-Trade survey: America’s wealthy are ‘in preservation mode’ and don’t think we’ve seen the market bottom.


Stock Market Rally begins. IMHO this is a Sucker Rally.

The Stock Markets rose today. This rally should continue. It may even reach higher highs than what was seen in 2018 (though I doubt that new highs will be made).

IMHO this is Sucker rally to allow Deep Pockets to offload their equity holdings before the coming CRASH.

The rise should continue into Feb – Mar. Then the Fed will raise Interest Rates. Within a month of the next Interest Rate Hike, IMHO the world’s Stock Markets will reverse into a Massive Long Term Correction.

Beware the Ides of March!

Before the end of 2019 Europe and the United States will be in a Recession. By 2020 the Recession will deepen and spread across the Globe.

Video is courtesy of the Brian Shannon YouTube Channel

Do your own Due Diligence. Always get advice from your own Stock Market Advisor before placing money bets at the Stock Market Casinos, because you can lose money – even all of it.