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Buying 1,000 shares of APHA at Open May 28 on NYSE at Market

I have been taking time lately to work on my “After Work” Swing Trading system. One that I don’t have to monitor the market every minute as with Day Trading. This way I can go to work and not worry. When I return home I can then check to see what’s happening and post the Buy or Sell orders for the next day as needed. I normally trade regular market hours.

My attraction for Price Gap Ups has to be curtailed. Gaps come back and fill, this month has shown me – yet again. Also Investing for the long term bugs me, as you have to absorb price drops and not sell. The month of May showed me how painful that can be. In the long term (as in years), I’m of the opinion that it will work out, but short term those price drops are painful to watch and sit tight.

My new “after work” system is based on tried and true work done by others. I use the 2 Period RSI – yes 2 period. Because the RSI does not take volume into account, I also include a 4 period Money Flow Index. Why? Drawing trend lines on the MFI can give me insight into the stock trend. For example MFI(4) is making lower lows, while the RSI(2) is indicating a potential trade. Ya the trade could work for say one day and come back because the trend is not going up as per the MFI. I also add Stochastics, Williams%R and On Balance Volume. Those added Indicators can help indicate whether the stock price in trading in a channel. Could help in the future if I decide to trade Channels, but not at this time.

The price chart has the EMA(4) and EMA(9) plotted. Bollinger Bands are also added. For me it could be a buy when the price closes above the EMA(4) and Sell when it closes Below the EMA(9).  With Bollinger Bands, could be a buy the next day when the price closes down below the lower Bollinger Band. Could be a sell when the price goes above the EMA(4), or wait a bit more if it might go above the EMA(9).

Individually some of the stuff mentioned is used in trading systems by others. Just check YouTube.com and you’ll find an amazing amount of info. For me, each thing on the chart gives me some insight that maybe the other things could not. The Trigger to get my attention will be the RSI(2).

Based on this new “After Work” Swing Trading System I will be buying 1,000 shares of APHA (Aphria Inc) at Open on May 28 on NYSE. APHA is a Cannabis stock. I was searching for something on the Web and noted that APHA was being plugged on one website as a great Pot Stock. I did not read the article, but did chart the stock. The pop on Friday could be due to the it being plugged on the WEB – just my opinion that such may be why. My chart “in my opinion” shows a Breakout. This will be checked in the evenings, “after work”. Will not bother checking during the day time, during market hours.

Stock Chart APHA Aphria Inc

Stock Chart of APHA – Aphria Inc. Chart created by AmiBroker


Disclaimer: This post is not meant as Investment Advice, nor is it advice to buy or sell any shares in any company. Do your own Due Diligence. Seek out the advice of your own financial and investment advisors before risking any funds in the Stock or Futures Markets. You can lose money and even all of it when investing at the Stock Market Casinos. This post is for my own educational purposes.

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