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Buying 10,000 shares of NVDA (NVidia Corp) on Nasdaq at Open at Market on Apr 30

NVidia sells well respected High Performance Video Cards for Personal Computers. They are also involved in super high performance computer centers (Super Computers) and also Cloud Gaming Servers.

This will be a Technical Buy based on the CCI and Woodies CCI. Have placed a Market Order to buy 10,000 shares of NVDA (NVidia Corp) on Nasdaq at Official Market Open on Apr 30. I do not do off hours trading. Wish I could afford to buy 1 Million shares of NVDA

NVDA - NVidia Corp on Nasdaq

NVDA – NVidia Corp on Nasdaq. Chart courtesy of

Resistance between $185 and $190. Target to sell at $205 once the initial Resistance is broken. This will be a short Term Swing Trade of roughly about a month.

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Next week I will try to buy 1,000 shares of HELE (Helen of Troy Limited) on Nasdaq at $135.50

Will try to buy 1,000 shares of HELE (Helen of Troy Limited) on Nasdaq at $135.50. It was trading a bit above $139.00 all Friday and closed a bit higher than that. I tried getting filled on Friday, but did not. I will try again next week. $135 is the Support level. Price should consolidate for a few days next week. If I get 1,000 shares at 135.50 per share, then will likely sell at $144.40.

From the latest Earnings Call Conference on April 26 : “This quarter caps great full year results. Net sales for the full fiscal year 2019 grew 5.8%. Leadership Brands grew 8.9%. Online sales grew approximately 28%, and adjusted diluted EPS grew 11.3%


HELE on Nasdaq

HELE (Helen of Troy Limited) on Nasdaq. Chart Courtesy of

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Updates on my trading CSCO and FEYE have been posted in our prior post

Sorry. I will do better next time with having separate posts for Updates.

Updates to my trading CSCO and FEYE have been posted at the bottom of the prior post. Just click on this line to get you to that prior post.

An interesting lesson occurred.The FEYE stock price reversed and hit my Sell Stop last Friday. Today (Mon Apr 20) FEYE reversed and rose back up again, rather nicely.  It closed on Apr 20 2015 at $42.43.

I have found that sticking to one’s Sell Stop allows one to stay in the game. Yes, I suffered a small loss by selling. Next time a Sell Stop may save me from a huge loss. You cannot win at this game without having losing trades.

Okay, where the heck did I put that bottle of Bourbon…

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