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Aurora Cannabis order for 1 million shares filled at open Dec 29 at $9.25 per share

Update: 1 Million shares of ACB Aurora Cannabis Inc filled at open Dec 29 at $9.25 per share.

IMHO this stock should Gap up when the markets open after New Years. Nice moves on a Friday before a Holiday, often are pre-cursors to nice moves when the markets reopen.

This post is not meant to be any kind of investment advice. Please do your own Due Diligence and speak to your own Licensed Financial Advisor beofre placing any bets at the Stockl markat casinos. You can lose money, possibly all of it.


Aurora Cannabis Inc breaking out on the Toronto Stock Exchange

On Dec 29 I will purchase one million shares of ACB (Aurora Cannabis Inc) at the open price for our Test Portfolio.

On Dec 28 the price closed at $8.94 per share.

My Sell Stop will be at $8.50

Risk will be $0.44 per share. Target Sell price IMHO could hit $14 per share. Risk vs Reward in my opinion is interesting.

This post is not Investment Advice to buy shares of Aurora Cannabis Inc on the Toronto Stock Excahnge or on Nasdaq. Do your own Due Diligence and speak to your own investment advisor before placing any bets at the Stock Market Casinos. You could lose money, possibly all of it.


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CSCO and FEYE trades on April 13, for our Imaginary Trading Portfolio

On Apr 13 2015 Cisco CSCO opened at $27.99 per share.

On Apr 13 2015 FireEye FEYE opened at $42.69 per share.

So our Imaginary Trading Portfolio purchased 1,000 shares each of CSCO and FEYE.

Purchased CSCO 1,000 shares = $27,990.00 + $25 Brokerage Fee.

Purchased FEYE 1,000 shares = $42,690.00 + $25 Brokerage Fee.

Posted by: Vincent Banial for Uniquely Toronto

Disclaimer: The above is not meant as Financial or Investment advice. I am not a registered Financial or Investment advisor. Do your own Due Diligence. Always seek out the advice from your own Financial and Investment Professionals before placing any bets at the Financial Markets casinos called the Stock Market. You can lose money, possibly all of it, when buying and selling or trading stocks. The above is not a recommendation to buy or sell CSCO or FEYE or any other stock. The above post is for Entertainment purposes only.