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Buying 10,000 shares of AWSM (Cool Holdings, Inc) tomorrow May 13 at Open, at Market

Buying 10,000 shares of AWSM (Cool Holdings, Inc) tomorrow May 13 2019 at Open at Market. This is a low priced stock – last close was $2.99 US.This is part of a new Trading Strategy for me.

Click on this link to visit stockcharts.com to view their chart of AWSM.

Disclaimer: This post is not meant as Investment Advice, nor is it advice to buy or sell any shares in any company.. Do your own Due Diligence. Seek out the advice of your own financial and investment advisors before risking any funds in the Stock or Futures Markets. You can lose money and even all of it when investing at the Stock Market Casinos. This post is for my own educational purposes.


Posted by: Vincent Banial


Low Priced Breakput stocks from last week. SCKT on Nasdaq (Socket Mobile, Inc.) and AKTX on Nasdaq (Akari Therapeutics, Plc).

Tried to buy 10,000 shares on Apr 26 of SCKT on Nasdaq (Socket Mobile, Inc.) at open tomorrow at fixed offer of $2.35 per share which was the close on Apr 25.


Triangle Breakout upwards. Their Gross Margin is over 50% for the Mobile Scanners they sell. Good luck making that kind of gross margin selling Computer Tech gear. I don’t think that Apple make over 50% gross margin. Small company turned a profit last quarter versus a loss previously. sat at the $2 barrier for a while. Now $2 is a nice support area. Target – potential Double…

Not enough Volume on Apr 26 – Order did not get filled



Tried buying at open tomorrow Apr 24 one million shares of AKTX on Nasdaq (Akari Therapeutics, Plc). Target is $6.00, which will be a 50% retracement of the prior high on Mar 14 2019.



They have had positive Phase 2 Medical Study Coversin Trial Results. Today the stock price Gapped Up on a high volume increase. The price came back down at the end of the regular trading day but still gapped up overall. Since the target is $6.00 I’ll set a sell stop at $5.75 to $5.90, just under the potential target.

Did not get filled. Not enough volume for 1 Million Share order. I still think it’s a nice breakout stock.


Disclaimer: I am not an registered Stock Analyst nor a licensed Stock Advisor. This post is not a suggestion for anyone to buy anything. Please seek the advice of your own licensed Investment Advisor before placing bets at the Stock Market Casinos. You can lose money – even all of it. This post is for my own educational purposes…


Posted by Vincent Banial