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The Unique Connection. Pandora video showcasing the special bond between a Mother and Child

Pandora is a large Danish jewelry firm. They are headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark. Their jewelry is sold in over 90 countries.

In April 2015 they published a superb heart warming video on YouTube. Pandora filmed 6 kids, aged 3 to 6. The kids were blindfolded and were then gently moved towards a lineup of women. The kids were then asked to try and pick out their own Mother. Again, the children had blindfolds on and could not see. They could only use their other senses and intuition to pick out their Mother from the group of women. Each child succeeded in finding their own Mom.

Video is courtesy of TheOfficialPandora YouTube channel

Some may send me emails telling me “But it’s a TV Commercial”. My answer is: “So what if it is a commercial ?”.

Pandora’s video is also “Wonderful Art”. Beautifully thought out and crafted, making a simple point. It also touches your soul. Too few things posted on the Internet, or in life for that matter, are able to that.

Read the comments which were posted on TheOfficialPandora YouTube channel about this video. Women stated that they had cried, while viewing it. This video tugs at your heart, especially if you are a Mother. There is a special bond between children and their Mothers.

This video really makes a very powerful connection with the viewer, especially if they are a Mom.

Hope that all of you enjoy this video, as much as I do.


Posted by: Vincent Banial for Uniquely Toronto

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