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Next week I will try to buy 1,000 shares of HELE (Helen of Troy Limited) on Nasdaq at $135.50

Will try to buy 1,000 shares of HELE (Helen of Troy Limited) on Nasdaq at $135.50. It was trading a bit above $139.00 all Friday and closed a bit higher than that. I tried getting filled on Friday, but did not. I will try again next week. $135 is the Support level. Price should consolidate for a few days next week. If I get 1,000 shares at 135.50 per share, then will likely sell at $144.40.

From the latest Earnings Call Conference on April 26 : “This quarter caps great full year results. Net sales for the full fiscal year 2019 grew 5.8%. Leadership Brands grew 8.9%. Online sales grew approximately 28%, and adjusted diluted EPS grew 11.3%


HELE on Nasdaq

HELE (Helen of Troy Limited) on Nasdaq. Chart Courtesy of www.tradingview.com

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