Bought 1,000 shares of AAN on the NYSE today


Have been posting some of my trading to the Uniquely Toronto Facebook page. Bringing this trade over to this our main site.

Purchased 1,000 shares of AAN (Aaron’s, Inc.) on the NYSE this morning. Picked up the 1,000 shares for $58.00 per share.

AAN shares trading on NYSE

AAN shares trading on NYSE Courtesy of

Reasons why I bought 1,000 AAN shares on the NYSE today::
Prior day Close was $53.27.
Today’s open was $55.05, Which means the Price Gapped UP (ie lots of buyers).

Much Higher Volume than normal at 1.5 Million shares.

Price moved above $56.04, which was the prior high set on Feb 27.

50 Day Moving Average is showing the price is in an extended Uptrend.

The Low of Feb 14 was not surpassed by the low on March 25.
So you had a Higher Low on March 25 which gives an indication
that the trend upward should continue.

Earning Per share rose over 30% in the reported Quarter.

So the Technicals looked great as did the Fundamentals.

I am not an registered Stock Analyst nor a licensed Stock Advisor. This post is not a suggestion for anyone to buy anything. Please seek the advice of your own licensed Investment Advisor before placing bets at the Stock Market Casinos. You can lose money – even all of it. This post is for my own educational purposes…


Posted by Vincent Banial