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Inverted Yield Curve indicates that a Recession is coming!

An Inverted Yield Curve has historically been a reliable signal that a Recession is on its way! You get an Inverted Yield Curve when short-term yields are higher than longer-term yields.

The Dow Index dropped over 460 points today Fri Mar 22 2019. The S&P Index fell 1.9% and the Nasdaq dropped 2.5%. The Russell 200 fell over 3.6%.

Click on this link to visit the Nasdaq website and view the Stock Market Indices.

Video is courtesy of The Money GPS YouTube channel

A drop in the Stock Markets on a Friday


People will have Sat and Sun to get worried. When Investors get worried they tend to Sell. I believe that Monday Mar 25 will be another down day in the Stock Markets.

Next Monday’s drops should be greater than today’s drops.

Click on this link to visit the CNBC website to read their news article titled “Dow drops more than 450 points, S&P 500 posts worst day since January amid global growth worries“.

Posted by: Vincent Banial


eTrade Survey results show that Deep Pockets are concerned that more Stock Market Volatility to come in 2019

I called it a Sucker Rally. That is the current rise in the US Stock markets, so far in 2019.

Seems that I am not alone in being concerned that there is more volatility to come in 2019.

Click on this link to visit the CNBC website to read their article about the recent eTrade Survey results which is titled “E-Trade survey: America’s wealthy are ‘in preservation mode’ and don’t think we’ve seen the market bottom.