Shares prices tumbled in Asia on Monday after Wall Street’s share price drop last Friday

Shares prices tumbled in Asia on Monday Mar 25. The drop in Asia is being linked to the Friday Mar 22 drop on North American Stock Markets. The Japan’s Nikkei Index dropped over 3%. The Hong Kong market’s Hang Seng Index dropped over 2%.

Video is courtesy of the The Money GPS YouTube channel

Surprising that the Market Indexes on US exchanges have held steady all morning (some have a minor rise in their Index). It’s lunch time and so trading drops off and we will see what happens after 3PM EST.

I’m surprised that the US Stock Market Indexes have not had a rather Down day today. When the markets tank on a Friday, often that does negatively impact trading the following Monday. We’ll see how the day ends.

Click on this link to visit the CNN Business website to view their page of Stock Market results in Asia for Monday Mar 25.


Posted by Vincent Banial