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Stock Trading Review for period ending May 03 2019

Sold 10,000 shares of NVDA NVidia Corp on NASDAQ at $182.38 per share. I had purchased those NVDA shares at $178.75 per share. Capital Gain on sale of NVDA = $182.38-$178.75 = $3.63 per share. 10,000 shares sold at $3.63 Capital Gain each = $36,300.00 realized Total Capital Gain. Continue reading


Order Fills

TWTR – 1,000,000 shares at $39.30 per share – filled

AAN – 1,000 shares at $58.00 per share – filled

MTP – 1,000,000 shares at $3.60 per share – filled

PINS – 1,000,000 shares at $34.81 per share – filled

NVDA – 10,000 shares at $178.75 per share – filled

MTP is a foreign BioTech – an ADR – long term this should work out. Short Term loser – went below $2.00 today. Will hold for long term.

Interesting the difference between low price and high priced share performance coming off a Breakout Gap (except PINS which is a IPO and NVDA which was based on the CCI and Woddies CCI).


Disclaimer: This post is not meant as Investment Advice, nor is it advice to buy or sell any shares in any company. Do your own Due Diligence. Seek out the advice of your own financial and investment advisors before risking any funds in the Stock or Futures Markets. You can lose money and even all of it when investing at the Stock Market Casinos. This post is for my own educational purposes.

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