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Free Land – Artificial Intelligence Systems and Population Control

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Free Land – Chapter 2 : Artificial Intelligence Systems and Population Control

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One of the first challenges at Free Land, was to figure out how to eliminate Human Government.

With structure came efficiency. To maintain that efficiency, that structure had to be consistent. If that structure was under the control of a Human, then Human Emotions could affect the structure.

By replacing Humans with Artificial Intelligence, Human Emotions were eliminated and consistency would be maintained.

There is a concept from Computer Programming called Structured Programming. It is based on a tree like design structure. The objective was to improve the quality and clarity of the system being designed. The Main Controlling Module is at the top. Branches further down controled more specific things. The Branches interacted with the Main Module and other Branches as needed.

This approach was used when Free Land developed it’s Artificial Intelligence Control Systems. Those systems took over previous Government functions. Over time, all forms of Government were eliminated and replaced by Artificial Intelligence Control Systems.

Human emotions were eliminated, and so everyone would get treated equally. The underlying principal of Free Land was that Everyone was Equal.

When Everyone is in effect “Equal”, people learned that they could “Trust” one another. “Trust” was one key factor which was hard to come by in the old way of doing things. Lack of Trust created the Wars. Lack of Trust destroyed marriages. Lack of Trust brought on the Nuclear Winter, which almost eliminated Humanity.

Trusting one another was one of the cornerstones of the foundation developed to create Free Land.

The people of Free Land did not compete with one another. Instead they helped and cared for each other. This was a totally different mindset and it took a generation, for it to become the natural way of interacting with one another.

In the distant past before Free Land for example, when you had work done at your home you called in a number of contractors and got quotes to try to make sure that you were not being taken advantage of. When people competed with one another, some would try and take advantage of others.

Previously Money was the compensation for any work done. In Free Land the compensation was being able to help one another. It was a totally different mind set from the old ways of doing things and because of that Free Land survived.

The Main Artificial Intelligence System was called Mother Jill. The Sub Systems in the branches below were named Aunts, as in Aunt Helen or Aunt Betty. Each Sub System controlled specific facets of life.

Humans were only involved in the maintaining the systems and updating the software as requested by the AI Systems. One rather surprising thing which occurred as the Aunt AI subsystems came online, was that the Mother Jill Controlling System taught the Sub Systems a unique AI Language which only the AI Systems could understand. Yes, the AI Systems communicated with each other via their own language. Graphic of a computer data centre courtesy of http://www.urltarget.comAll the AI Systems and all the Sub Systems could also understand the language spoken by Humans in Free Land. Humans could also communicate any needs to the AI sub-systems by actually speaking to them. Later on a type of skull cap was developed which allowed one to communicate with the AI Sub Systems by speaking inside your head. The subsystem would stimulate specific regions of your brain and you heard their reply, again all inside your head.

Each Human member of Free Land had body implants. The implants in the palms of the hands, for example, allowed controlled access to buildings and services. The AI Sub Systems knew who did what and when, via the implants. The AI Systems also monitored the health of the citizens via the implants. For example, blood tests could done via the implants without drawing blood.

Because of the devastation that had taken place on Earth, resources were limited. Free Land’s food was grown in Green Houses. The population had to be controlled. Giving Birth was an affair of the entire community. Male Sperm was stored in Sperm banks. Pregnancy was via artificial insemination. The matching of potential Mother and Father was under the control of the AI Sub Systems. Genetic factors came into play and helped to create a stronger genetic base of the future population of Free Land.

When someone was going to die, as would be indicated by the implanted monitors, the AI Sub Systems went to the Gene database and matched females with males. The female was then artificially inseminated. This again eliminated Human Emotions. Falling in Love with someone who may not be the best genetic match could negatively impact the child. Caring for a child with birth defects would  also negatively impact everyone and so had to be minimized.

The AI AUNT Sub Systems made sure that the only the best genetic matches were allowed to combine to create children. This was for the good of the child and for the good of Free Land. Birth Defects were eliminated by this process.

The gene pool of the newborns became stronger. It takes a lot of resources to care for a child with mental or physical handicaps. Free Land did not have extra resources. It was also viewed as being unfair to the newborns, to allow the mating of inferior or poorly matched genes pools. All males had their Sperm collected and frozen. Then they had an operation to cut the tubes, which the sperm would have used to exit the body. Pregnancy was only possible via artificial insemination. Pregnancy was very strictly controlled, to maintain zero growth in the population numbers and to improve the genetic health of the overall population of Free Land.

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The Asteroid Impact, followed by the Nuclear Winter will give birth to Free Land. Humanity will Survive.

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Copyright 2017 Vincent Banial

Free Land, where survivors built a better world.

The Asteroid hitting the earth, destroyed the Middle East. Then the Nuclear Winter arrived, as nations fought over scarce energy resources.

Pockets of Humanity survived unscathed.

They saw how the old ways destroyed much of the Earth and so they started to experiment.

Out the chaos, the idea of Free Land was incubated. It already had factories and institutes of high education. It had been a High Technology Artificial Intelligence Center. If was also self-sufficient with fresh uncontaminated under ground water. Power generation was Hydrogen based after the Nuclear Fusion Reactors were shut down. Most of the population had very high Tech skills.

The model for their new Free Land was the lost tribes in the Amazon Rain Forest. No need for Money. No need for work. No need for Government. No need for Taxes. No Banks.

Free Land prospered. It’s people developed the skills that they wanted. They spent time with their families.

Everything was shared equally. No Money Hoarding Billionaires, as all citizens knew that they were equal. No money, as goods and services were available to everyone at no cost. Each member of Free Land contributed what they could and when they could. Each person knew that they played an important part in the survival of Free Land.

While Humanity disappeared from large parts of the Globe, that small pocket of Humanity survived, worked and shared together and created a new way of living called Free Land.

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