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2Venezolanos Magic Videos Compilation

Extremely creative and well done Magic. Fun to watch video compilation from 2Venezolanos of Instagram fame.

Just imagine what these guys could do if they had a Hollywood type budget behind them.

Video is courtesy of the Funny Vines YouTubce channel

Click on this link to visit the 2Venezolanos official Instagram :…

Click on this link to visit the 2Venezolanos official facebook page.

Posted by Vincent Banial


The “Real” Magic of Shin Lim

Penn & Teller (world renown Magicians) have a show (called “Fool Us)  where they invite Magicians to perform and see if they can be fooled by the Magic Tricks being performed.

Shin Lim was a Pianist before he took up Magic. This video is of Episode 1 of Season 2, of Fool Us.

Shin Lim‘s performance shows that the impossible, is very possible.

Is Shin Lim using Magician’s Magic or is this the “Real Deal”? Watch the video and you can come to your own conclusion…

Video is courtesy of the Shin Lim YouTube channel



Posted by: Vincent Banial for Uniquely Toronto

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