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Bruce Gilden photographed Miami Prostitutes and wrote about how Drug Addiction ravaged their lives

Bruce Gilden has put together a collection of Photographs of woman who have to prostitute themselves to pay for their Drug Addiction. They live on the streets and have seen the mean side of humanity up close and personal.

Video is courtesy of the Marylouise Mcmillian YouTube Page.

The thing that gets to me is that the people selling the drugs can see how the drugs are devastating the lives of these women, yet they still sell drugs to them. Hoarding money is more important than worrying about the lives which are being destroyed.

Have a look at the photos taken by Bruce Gilden. The link below to the Daily Mail news post has photos. These woman could be a member of your family! They could be your Sister or your Mother!

Click on this line to visit the Daily Mail website to read their article titled: “‘They don’t care. They let us die’: Miami prostitutes and drug addicts reveal their harrowing tales from the streets in devastating new photography collection“.


Christie Goodwin one the very best Concert Photographers

Posted by Vincent Banial

Christie Goodwin is the official photographer at the Royal Albert Hall. She also works as a Tour Photog. Bands will hire Christie to tour with them and shoot their concerts.

A lot of Musicians visit Uniquely Toronto. If you are in a band and are looking to get some astoundingly amazing concert photos of one of your shows, Christie Goodwin would the Concert Photog that I would call. Seriously amazing Photographer.

Video is courtesy of This Week in Photo (TWiP) YouTube channel

Christie mentions something in this video. She does not Chimp her shots at the concert. So many concert photogs will constantly check their camera to look at the shots they took. Why waste time looking at your own shots during the concert????

When I had first started I did a hilarious post about How to easily get Media Passes for Concerts. That post went viral among Concert Photogs. I got a ton of emails. Many told me that had no clue what I was talking about. Others sent me huge multi-page emails informing me about Concert Photography.

 I’m not a newbie. That post was a clearly and obviously filled with humorous statements. I’ll give you one example: I suggested that New Concert Photogs visit eBay and buy a Pro Nikon SLR camera Strap. Bright yellow with NIKON D4 or D5 on it. That way anyone looking at you will see your strap and conclude that you are using a very expensive Nikon Pro camera. Then use black electrical tape to tape over the make and model of your own low priced, but still very capable DSLR camera. Voila – you are now considered a Pro Photog. To my mind that is humorous. Some concert photogs did appreciate my sense of humour. Christie Goodwin was one the few major Concert Photographers who got what that post was about. Someone sent her an email to check out my post. She found it to be a funny post and she sent me an email saying that. Christie is an awesome Concert Photographer and a really nice person to boot.

You have to check out Christie Goodwin’s website. Her photos will blow you away. Click on this Link to visit Christie’s website at

Click on this link to visit the Christie Goodwin facebook page at

“Perfect Exposure” plugin for Photoshop and Lightroom free download from Athentech

Click on this line to visit the website to get your free copy of their Perfect Exposure plugin for Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom.

NOTE: This offer is subject to change or expiry without notice. Always check the vendors site to confirm availability of said offer.



Posted by: Vincent Banial

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20 photographs that will leave you stunned and speechless

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“Art of the Storm” video by “Nicolaus Wegner”

The “Art of the Storm” is an amazing Time Lapse video of a Supercell developing. It was shot in South Dakota near Rapid City on June 1, 2015.

Nicolaus Wegner, the Photographer, setup his Canon 5dmk2 on a tripod and shot this at one frame per second.

Permission to embed this video was granted by Nicolaus Wegner.

Please click on this line to visit Nicolaus’s Vimeo site, for more awesome Storm Chasing videos.

Art of the Storm from Nicolaus Wegner on Vimeo.


Posted by: Vincent Banial for Uniquely Toronto

Blast from the past. Photos taken at New York’s Studio 54 published 35 years after Studio 54 closed

At one time life was more care free. Studio 54 during it’s height, was the best known Club in the world.

The beautiful people all flocked to party the night away, at Studio 54. The antics inside the club became legendary.

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Sometimes I get lucky and even manage to take a good photo…


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Christie Goodwin, a most amazing Concert Photographer

Video is courtesy of Christie Goodwin and her YouTube Channel

May I introduce to you an amazing Concert Photographer, based in England. Her name is Christie Goodwin. Continue reading

Corel AfterShot Pro download version software for only $14.99

UPDATE: this has long expired in 2013
UPDATE: Sept 21 2013 – Just checked Amazon and the sale seems to be over. Now priced at $40.95
Just posted on our sister site F-Stop.I’m not allowed to cross post duplicate posts.If you might be interested in the special low price for Corel’s AfterShot Pro, please visit our F-Stop WordPress Blog by clicking on the following link: AfterShot Pro speical price post on F-Stop.

Photos of the Toronto CNE from 1906 to 2012

Photo of  the CNE Princess Gates with Fireworks

CNE Princess gates CNE Princess Gates in 2012. CDN Armed Forces Salute with Fireworks. Photo credit CNE

Since the CNE is running till Sept 02, I thought that readers might like a comparison look at how The EX has changed over the years. Continue reading

Nik Plugin Collection by Google, is now available for only $149.00 US.

UPDATE: this has EXPIRED a long time ago

Nik Collection by Google consists of all the following Nik Plugins: HDR Efex Pro 2, Silver Efex Pro 2, Color Efex Pro 4, Sharpener Pro 3, Dfine 2 and Viveza 2. This new version is available for only $149. Yes, all the plugins for only $149. Continue reading

New Digital Camera. Looks like a delicious donut. Perfect for shooting concerts. Hang on a strap around your neck for a unqiue fashion accessory.

There is a new camera available. Looks like a delicious donut. I just wrote a post about it on my photo site and original Blog. Google prohibits posting identical content on multiple sites so if you are interested plse visit the post on my other blog by CLICKING HERE.

3 Tips on How To take far better photos. Easy to remember, Simple Tips, which can make a dramatic difference in your photography.

I make no claims about being some great photographer. I just try to take a good photo and sometimes I get lucky. Over time and lots of shooting, I have found that there are a few simple things which can help make a photo better.

3 tips on how to take far better photos

This Lamborghini photo would have looked very different had I taken it while I was standing up. Photo courtesy of

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New Nikon D7100 DSLR camera has been announced. A quick Preview of this new digital camera.

The following video Preview of the new Nikon D7100 DSLR camera is courtesy of Cameralabs:

Downtown Toronto circa 1901 – a waterfront view

Histproic photo of Toronto from 1901 showing the downtown waterfront.

Photo courtesy of the US Library of Congress Archive. Downtown Toronto waterfront circa 1901

This photo is from the US Library of Congress Archive. The original Copyright was issued in 1901 to the Detroit Photographic Co. It is my understanding that there are no known publication restrictions. The original photo was a photomechanical print, as color photography had not yet been invented in 1901. Continue reading

InfraRed Photo of Toronto’s St Lawrence Market. Photo was taken with an IR modified Nikon D1X DSLR.

Infrared photo of St Lawrence Market,Toronto

InfraRed photo of the St Lawrence Market in Toronto. Photo courtesy of

If you are interested in InfraRed Photography, I have just posted a How To article with Tips on different ways to take IR photos with any camera or DSLR. You can read that article, which was posted on our Photography Blog, by CLICKING HERE.

Studio Lighting and Digital Hasselblad on sale (till Mar 28thth) at Headshots in Toronto

*** UPDATED Feb 28th *** Looks like the sale has been extended to Mar 28th 2013. Plse confirm this with Headshots. End Date is subject to change without notice.

This post has been moved to another Blog which is focused solely on photography. To visit that Blog plse click on CLiK CLiK Vic’s F-Stop.

Costco in Canada will have 4×6 prints priced at 8 Cents each – Feb 18 till Mar 03 2013


Sale Sign,photo,clik clik vicSome shooters may scoff at getting prints made at Costco.  I suspect that they have not tried Costco for their photo printing needs. I have and without any doubt am more than happy to recommend them.

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