Costco in Canada will have 4×6 prints priced at 8 Cents each – Feb 18 till Mar 03 2013


Sale Sign,photo,clik clik vicSome shooters may scoff at getting prints made at Costco.  I suspect that they have not tried Costco for their photo printing needs. I have and without any doubt am more than happy to recommend them.

Now I can’t speak for every Costco. I use the Toronto Costco just south of the Queensway, between Royal York and Islington in Etobicoke. A lot of the staff, in the Photo Department, have been there for as long as I can remember. Some are well versed in Colour Management. They were the ones who informed me about getting Dry Creek printer profiles. Their help has been superb.

The print quality is as good or better than many Custom Labs that I had used in the past. The prices are unbelievable considering the high quality prints which one gets.

The new special runs from Feb 18 till Mar 03 2013. At that time their price for 4×6 prints drops to 8 cents each – a 50% savings.

One big reason to get 4×6 Proof like prints made, is that in the “Digital” age there are no negatives. If your hard disk dies and or you lose those photo image files some other way, then you have nothing to fall back on. If you have 4×6 prints made and put away in an album or a show box, then you have something to fall back on. You can get those prints scanned to create digital files again. Of course they will not be a good as your original image files. The key is that not every shot needs to be enlarged and printed at 20″x24″. A scan of a 4×6 print can reproduce at least another 4×6 print. If you carefully interpolate, multiple times and in short steps, the resulting file then could be used to print enlargements. The idea is to try to retain those memories into the future.

At 8 cents a print, it’s a cheap form of insurance against losing those possibly precious memories IMHO.

Disclaimer: Anything noted above is subject to change without notice. Since I do not own Costco (wish that I did though), I cannot control what, if anything, may change in the future. Always confirm sales with Costco Canada, either in-store or on their website COSTCO CANADA.