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Photos of the Suzie McNeil concert at the Taste of the Kingsway.

Friday night was a toss up. I wanted to shoot a Vancouver band called The Pack A.D. at Yonge Dundas Square. Only problem was that Suzie McNeil was performing around the same time, at the Taste of the Kingsway, in west Toronto.

Photo of Suzie McNeil performing at the Taste of the Kingsway in Toronto. Photo credit ccvic.zenfolio.com

Photo of Suzie McNeil. Photo credit ccvic.zenfolio.com

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Downtown Toronto circa 1901 – a waterfront view

Histproic photo of Toronto from 1901 showing the downtown waterfront.

Photo courtesy of the US Library of Congress Archive. Downtown Toronto waterfront circa 1901

This photo is from the US Library of Congress Archive. The original Copyright was issued in 1901 to the Detroit Photographic Co. It is my understanding that there are no known publication restrictions. The original photo was a photomechanical print, as color photography had not yet been invented in 1901. Continue reading