Blast from the past. Photos taken at New York’s Studio 54 published 35 years after Studio 54 closed

At one time life was more care free. Studio 54 during it’s height, was the best known Club in the world.

The beautiful people all flocked to party the night away, at Studio 54. The antics inside the club became legendary.

When you make statements that only the Mafia made more money than Studio 54, I suspect that you kinda attract the attention of the Tax Dept. Supposedly when Studio 54 was raided by US IRS agents, they found bags full of money.

A new book is now available which lets us relive those Good Old Day. The book written by Hasse Persson. It features amazing Black and White photos taken by Hasse inside Studio 54, which he frequented.

Click on this line to visit the Artbook page for the new book titled Studio 54.

Click on this line to visit the post by the Daily Mail which features an interesting selection of B&W photos from the Studio 54 book. You really must check the Daily Mail article out for a peak at those amazing and shall I say “Historic” photos.

Click on this line to visit the ELLE webpage about the new Studio 54 book. This page has many more B&W photos from the book. Again a must see.

Click on this line to visit the Google Image Search results for pics from Studio 54. It features even more pics of the Beautiful People partying at Studio 54.

It’s funny that I could not figure out the category this post should fit in. So I put it into “Feed Your Head”, which the Beautiful People at Studio 54 were very well known for doing…

Posted by: Vincent Banial

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