3 Tips on How To take far better photos. Easy to remember, Simple Tips, which can make a dramatic difference in your photography.

I make no claims about being some great photographer. I just try to take a good photo and sometimes I get lucky. Over time and lots of shooting, I have found that there are a few simple things which can help make a photo better.

3 tips on how to take far better photos

This Lamborghini photo would have looked very different had I taken it while I was standing up. Photo courtesy of ccvic.zenfolio.com

I’ll list them first as this post might turn into a novel and I may have to break it up into multiple posts.

1 – Drop down on your knees or lower. Can dramatically improve your photos.

2 – Move in closer to your subject – either physically or via a zoom lens.

3 – Look behind your subject for distractions. Moving to your left or right will often remove the distraction from the photo.

I’ll start with the first suggestion. Drop down low and then shoot. When you shoot from a standing position you diminish the subject. Especially with pets and kids, get down to their eye level.Same goes for shooting autos. Drop down and get your knees dirty. This is where lower cost cameras have a an advantage with the moveable rear LCD to help framing. If your LCD does not move, then frame at eye level and then move the camera lower. Take a blind shot and then do a preview. With a bit of practice you’ll get pretty good framing. Thankfully the camera will take care of the focusing.

3 tips on how to take better photos

Niki. Photo taken with a $20 P&S digital camera. Photo courtesy of ccvic.zenfolio.com

Get used to getting your knees dirty and you will find that your photos will start to get way better.

Moving on to my next tip. I suspect that it is a cultural thing. We are trained to respect the space surrounding people. Getting too close makes people uncomfortable. This extends to taking photos. Take a look at your photos notice all the extra space surrounding your subject.

The next time you are taking photos, try the following. Take a photo your normal way. Then take a step towards your subject and take another photo. You can use the zoom lens instead of taking a physical step towards your subject. Repeat this until your subject fills the viewfinder. It will seem strange and maybe uncomfortable.

Steve ‘o’, the fantastic Drummer with the Celtic Rock Band called the MUDMEN. Photo courtesy of ccvic.zenfolio.com

Tips on How To take way better photos

SAGA concert. Note how different his looks when compared to the shot where I moved in closer to the MUDMEN’s Drummer. Photo courtesy of ccvic.zenfolio.com

Review your photos on a computer screen. You will find that the closer you got, the more your subject filled the frame and the better the photo looked. This works great for shots of people, places and things. Get closer and you will take far better photos. It also removes possible distractions lurking in the background. Which leads into the next suggestion.

While taking your photo look behind the subject. Are there branches growing out of your subjects  head? This is a common issue which Wedding photogs deal with. Are there posts or street signs growing out of the windshield of the exotic car? Often just moving a bit to your right or left could get rid of the distraction. You do have to practice looking behind your subjects.

So there you have my three tips for getting improved photos. They are very simple tips but they can improve your photos in a major way. Because the tips are simple, they will be easy to remember. Try the tips out. I believe that you, and everyone else who views your new photos,  will be amazed at how much better your photos look.


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