Bruce Gilden photographed Miami Prostitutes and wrote about how Drug Addiction ravaged their lives

Bruce Gilden has put together a collection of Photographs of woman who have to prostitute themselves to pay for their Drug Addiction. They live on the streets and have seen the mean side of humanity up close and personal.

Video is courtesy of the Marylouise Mcmillian YouTube Page.

The thing that gets to me is that the people selling the drugs can see how the drugs are devastating the lives of these women, yet they still sell drugs to them. Hoarding money is more important than worrying about the lives which are being destroyed.

Have a look at the photos taken by Bruce Gilden. The link below to the Daily Mail news post has photos. These woman could be a member of your family! They could be your Sister or your Mother!

Click on this line to visit the Daily Mail website to read their article titled: “‘They don’t care. They let us die’: Miami prostitutes and drug addicts reveal their harrowing tales from the streets in devastating new photography collection“.