has moved to

I just moved our Photography oriented blog. The name was changed to better match this blog’s branding. Now each has some uniqueness <grin>   
Our Photography Blog is called Unique F-Stop and so
the new URL is

I felt that changing the URL, made more sense than continuing to use

Of course that will throw Google and other Search Engines for a loop.

It will be interesting to see how many months it will take to recover from this change…

UPDATE: Changing the URL killed the blog.  It is now getting about one tenth the number of visitors. Prior to the change, if was treated as a trusted website by the Internet Search Engines and the daily number of visitors was always increasing. After the change it immediately became an unknown new website in the eyes of the Internet Search Engines. It now looks like it will take about a year to recover. This gives me an idea of what will happen if in the future I decide to self host the blogs, because the URL will also change.