Christie Goodwin one the very best Concert Photographers

Posted by Vincent Banial

Christie Goodwin is the official photographer at the Royal Albert Hall. She also works as a Tour Photog. Bands will hire Christie to tour with them and shoot their concerts.

A lot of Musicians visit Uniquely Toronto. If you are in a band and are looking to get some astoundingly amazing concert photos of one of your shows, Christie Goodwin would the Concert Photog that I would call. Seriously amazing Photographer.

Video is courtesy of This Week in Photo (TWiP) YouTube channel

Christie mentions something in this video. She does not Chimp her shots at the concert. So many concert photogs will constantly check their camera to look at the shots they took. Why waste time looking at your own shots during the concert????

When I had first started I did a hilarious post about How to easily get Media Passes for Concerts. That post went viral among Concert Photogs. I got a ton of emails. Many told me that had no clue what I was talking about. Others sent me huge multi-page emails informing me about Concert Photography.

 I’m not a newbie. That post was a clearly and obviously filled with humorous statements. I’ll give you one example: I suggested that New Concert Photogs visit eBay and buy a Pro Nikon SLR camera Strap. Bright yellow with NIKON D4 or D5 on it. That way anyone looking at you will see your strap and conclude that you are using a very expensive Nikon Pro camera. Then use black electrical tape to tape over the make and model of your own low priced, but still very capable DSLR camera. Voila – you are now considered a Pro Photog. To my mind that is humorous. Some concert photogs did appreciate my sense of humour. Christie Goodwin was one the few major Concert Photographers who got what that post was about. Someone sent her an email to check out my post. She found it to be a funny post and she sent me an email saying that. Christie is an awesome Concert Photographer and a really nice person to boot.

You have to check out Christie Goodwin’s website. Her photos will blow you away. Click on this Link to visit Christie’s website at

Click on this link to visit the Christie Goodwin facebook page at