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Friends, Romans and Fellow Countrymen please lend me your ears

July brought Vincent the joys of country cottage life on Lake Rosseau, up in Muskoka. Okay, at least on some weekends.

That meant no shooting, on those weekends. Except maybe on Sunday night, if I drove back into TO in time. It also meant no post processing of photos.

PP is done on a dedicated desktop PC with a Color Managed monitor. Laptops do not work well for that purpose.

As it stands, I’m a little backed-up. Add to that, our reestablishment of our Facebook presence. It all makes for rather busy weekdays and late evenings

Things worked out OK with posts made in advance to open and display on weekends.

I’m trying to keep our Uniquely Toronto Facebook page active. Thanks to Facebook’s news feed, I can link to some material which I think many will find interesting.

August is just around the corner and if all goes well there will be much to post about.

Still have not heard back from the CNE, about getting a Seasons Media Pass again this year.

They changed some things regarding Seasons Passes Even Exhibitors it seems now have to purchase a pass. Should we get a Media Pass, like last year, we’ll cover as many of the CNE 2015 concerts as possible.

So while you wait for more pics to be posted on this site, may I invite each and every one of you to visit our Uniquely Toronto Facebook page.


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We “survived” the Domain Name change and also Google’s changes to their Mobile Search Algorithm

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

Search Engine Spiders had to re-index this site. Normally that is a death sentence, because for all intents and purposes, when the Domain Name is changed, the site becomes a brand new site to Search Engines.

Thank you for any and all help which was provided by the readers of this site. Special thanks also goes out the folks at paloalto Networks ( a Leading CyberSecurity firm).

With all the help, this site did not disappear from the major Search Engines.

Today, April 21 2015, Google changed their Algorithm for their Mobile Search. We got hurt just a “tiny” bit. The fix is to have slightly longer posts. Great, more of my typos to come your way…

Overall, things have turned out way better than I had anticipated. I had been rather worried.

Thanks one more time…


The reason for being online is to help others. My How to Blog Adventure epiphany.

Portrait of Henry Ford (ca. 1919)

Portrait of Henry Ford (ca. 1919) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I found it hard to see the trees, while wandering through the forest. Last night I had my eyes opened, maybe just a bit. The whole point of having an online presence is to be of help to others. For some that would be common sense. For me, that was an epiphany.

Setting up my photo site on Zenfolio was my alternative to grief counseling. Last year Zenfolio added Blogging capabilities. So I started a blog. It has had days when a thousand people per day would visit and other days when no one would visit. Continue reading

The most popular Blog in the world. No not this one, at least not yet…

I had learned about the Drudge Report site when I started investing/trading stocks. At that time I had no idea what a Blog was. I found the Drudge Report to be extremely helpful and it helped in getting and keeping Capital Gains.

Drudge Report

Drudge Report (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The major things that I had liked was the vast variety of news, from assorted news sources around the world. If there was a trouble spot in the world, I could count on getting some unique and interesting insight just by visiting the Drudge site. I was mostly into Gold mining and Oil stocks at that time. Continue reading

Proofreading and Blogging, the bane of My How To Blog Adventure. Taylor Mali video about Proofreading.

I check every post before hitting the Publish button. I will again check the post later the same day and to my surprise I will find more typos and errors. I could swear that the word was there before and that other one was spelled correctly earlier. Continue reading

Who knew that you could get so much spam while keeping a blog. New insight in My How To Blog Adventure.

no spam!

no spam! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m a newbie to this thing that you call blogging. Time flies when you are trying to setup and keep a new blog running. Especially when you have little clue of what you are supposed to do. Continue reading

Changing Blog Themes. Another day in My How To Blog Adventure.

Slowly but surely the Blogs are taking shape. I have been bouncing back and forth between dark and light themes. A light background is easier on the eyes. A dark background makes posts pop, especially photos. Continue reading

My How to Blog adventure. Created a different look and feel to this Blog…

Thanks to the comments and suggestion from Grace,  I made some changes. It is a good idea for other Blog owners to consider.  Ask someone who you trust to visit your blog. Then honestly discuss what “they” saw and felt while using it.

Have an open mind and make sure that you listen.

Continue reading

My How to Blog adventure. Not so fast…On 2nd thought this WordPress Blog will remain active..,

Earlier today, I had posted about focusing on my other test blog and not posting  any more updates here. Not so fast. I may have been mistaken.</span?

I asked someone whom I trust and who has a knowing eye to visit the two blogs. Had a great discussion with her. Thanks again Grace. Got many useful insights.

From my discussion it became clear that my decision was too hasty. The 3 column vs 2 column layout may not be as important as I had first thought. The WordPress 2 column I was told tends to draw a reader to the Post itself. On the 3 column Blog the eye moves around looking at the assortment of info in the column.

The WordPress Blog works on mobile systems. The Blogger Blog does not.

One interesting suggestion was to keep both blogs. Cross posting does not take that much more time. The worry is fragmenting the audience between them. Not an issue at this time, since there is no audience – yet.

So to make a long story short, I was too hasty. I will continue to try to improve both sites. I may actually try some 3 column WordPress themes, although I really like the present theme here. Maybe I’ll learn some Html and CSS and try to add a left column myself. Looks like this Blog is here to stay….

My How to Blog adventure. Testing out my Blogs. Decisions decisions.

I started out creating one Blog. Then the idea formed to clone that Blog into another. Why? To see how different hosting companies will work.

Along the way I learned about different Blogging platforms. Lets not forget about all that new jargon. Made my head spin.

I have run a photo site for a few years. Blogging capability was added by the hosting company last year. I found it to be a great addition to the photo site. So much so that I wanted to expand and enhance the Blog. Unfortunately that was not possible. Hence my search for the perfect blogging platform and hosting company.

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