Friends, Romans and Fellow Countrymen please lend me your ears

July brought Vincent the joys of country cottage life on Lake Rosseau, up in Muskoka. Okay, at least on some weekends.

That meant no shooting, on those weekends. Except maybe on Sunday night, if I drove back into TO in time. It also meant no post processing of photos.

PP is done on a dedicated desktop PC with a Color Managed monitor. Laptops do not work well for that purpose.

As it stands, I’m a little backed-up. Add to that, our reestablishment of our Facebook presence. It all makes for rather busy weekdays and late evenings

Things worked out OK with posts made in advance to open and display on weekends.

I’m trying to keep our Uniquely Toronto Facebook page active. Thanks to Facebook’s news feed, I can link to some material which I think many will find interesting.

August is just around the corner and if all goes well there will be much to post about.

Still have not heard back from the CNE, about getting a Seasons Media Pass again this year.

They changed some things regarding Seasons Passes Even Exhibitors it seems now have to purchase a pass. Should we get a Media Pass, like last year, we’ll cover as many of the CNE 2015 concerts as possible.

So while you wait for more pics to be posted on this site, may I invite each and every one of you to visit our Uniquely Toronto Facebook page.


Posted by Vincent Banial