Proofreading and Blogging, the bane of My How To Blog Adventure. Taylor Mali video about Proofreading.

I check every post before hitting the Publish button. I will again check the post later the same day and to my surprise I will find more typos and errors. I could swear that the word was there before and that other one was spelled correctly earlier. The next day I dread what I am sure to find when doing another recheck. This has become a ritual of sorts. Each time that I Proofread my posts, I find more typos and errors. The mind sees what it wants to see. At least mine does.

Taylor Mali put out a hilarious video which focuses on Proofreading. It’s a great video for anyone doing any kind of blogging. This video is apparently also used by University Profs to remind their students about Proofreading. The video is titled “The The impotence of Proofreading”.

Hope you enjoy it as much I do…

Video is courtesy of Taylor Mali and his YouTube channel.