Who knew that you could get so much spam while keeping a blog. New insight in My How To Blog Adventure.

no spam!

no spam! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m a newbie to this thing that you call blogging. Time flies when you are trying to setup and keep a new blog running. Especially when you have little clue of what you are supposed to do.

I still do not really understand how the comments and msgs work. What I have learned is that Spammers know that this blog exists. Did not take them long at all. Wish that the Search Engines were as good at finding this blog.

I have gone thru the comments/spam folder. Pretty much everything looks unfamiliar. Most of the comments look like spam, so I deleted them.

I also deleted what I now believe was one backlink because I had no clue what it was. Did not look like a comment, yet it was in the comments folder.

My apologize to anyone whose comment or backlink I may have deleted. With time I should improve.

Actually I’m amazed at the amount of spam. Also thinking about Self Hosting and how I will have to handle the spam. WordPress.com does the work right now. I assume that there would be a plugin of some sort to help. Seriously, the amount of spam is shocking. I can just imagine the spam which will arrive, when this blog gets picked up by the Search Engines.