We “survived” the Domain Name change and also Google’s changes to their Mobile Search Algorithm

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

Search Engine Spiders had to re-index this site. Normally that is a death sentence, because for all intents and purposes, when the Domain Name is changed, the site becomes a brand new site to Search Engines.

Thank you for any and all help which was provided by the readers of this site. Special thanks also goes out the folks at paloalto Networks ( a Leading CyberSecurity firm).

With all the help, this site did not disappear from the major Search Engines.

Today, April 21 2015, Google changed their Algorithm for their Mobile Search. We got hurt just a “tiny” bit. The fix is to have slightly longer posts. Great, more of my typos to come your way…

Overall, things have turned out way better than I had anticipated. I had been rather worried.

Thanks one more time…