My How to Blog adventure. Created a different look and feel to this Blog…

Thanks to the comments and suggestion from Grace,  I made some changes. It is a good idea for other Blog owners to consider.  Ask someone who you trust to visit your blog. Then honestly discuss what “they” saw and felt while using it.

Have an open mind and make sure that you listen.

It’s funny how different people can look at the same thing and see different things. We really do create our own world. I liked some of the fonts used in the previous setup of this blog. One comment which surprised me, was that it seemed like I was using a variety of fonts on the posts.

Note to self, stay consistent with the fonts.  People will notice a variety of different fonts (not a good thing). Another comment was that some fonts took time to display on the page. The end-user first got to see another font (system font I presume) before your fancy fonts displayed over it. The fancy font is probably a web font and has to be loaded before being displayed.

Check your Blog on a mobile phone or an iPad type device. My Bogger Blog was supposed to work on mobile devices. I learned that it does not. The WordPress Blog worked great.

Lots of things which I did not see or know were clarified.  Newbie me had great fun revamping this Blog. I think that I have corrected many problem areas. No doubt, that I also created new problems which will keep me entertained in the coming days.