The most popular Blog in the world. No not this one, at least not yet…

I had learned about the Drudge Report site when I started investing/trading stocks. At that time I had no idea what a Blog was. I found the Drudge Report to be extremely helpful and it helped in getting and keeping Capital Gains.

Drudge Report

Drudge Report (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The major things that I had liked was the vast variety of news, from assorted news sources around the world. If there was a trouble spot in the world, I could count on getting some unique and interesting insight just by visiting the Drudge site. I was mostly into Gold mining and Oil stocks at that time.

Now that I have begun my Blogging Adventure and setup my own Blogs, I understand what a Blog is. It turns out that the Drudge Report site is a Blog. Yes, it’s also a News Aggregator and literally the most popular News site on the internet. That fact alone, makes it the most popular Blog on the internet.

I’m mentioning the Drudge site, because it inspires me. I would like to follow the Drudge method of Blogging. Well, my interpretation of the way Matt Drudge keeps his Blog. The most important thing to me is the variety found there.

That is why you will find the line “Sometimes, expect the unexpected” below the name of this Blog. Yes, this Blog will have plenty of posts about things going on in and around Toronto. It is called Uniquely Toronto after all. In addition, I hope to discuss all sorts of other subject matter. The two subjects which I will not address will be Politics and Religion.

Global Warming may be addressed. Be forewarned that I have set views on it. Even though Global Warming approaches the esteem of a Religion for some, I may post about it. In many ways GW is also about Politics. Other than that, my policy on Religion and Politics is each to his or her own. Not my place to preach, nor pry.

I think that visitors to this Blog may at first seem surprised, about the variety of topics being discussed. This is not a Blog about a specific topic. One day you will read something which will interest you. Another day you will find something posted, which may be of interest to other visitors. I had set up the separate F-Stop Blog to focus on Photography based topics.

This whole thing actually started with photography, and my setting up a photo site. That Zenfolio hosted site added blogging capability last year. I have been amazed to learn that I enjoy Blogging nearly as much as taking photos. It fit perfectly with me, because I do not shoot photos during the winter months.

During the months when I’m out covering events with the camera, having a Blog enhances the photo galleries. Blog posts can add so much more info to the photos. Photos and Blogging go hand in hand.

Getting back to the site that inspired me. If you have not been to the Drudge Report site, you can visit it by CLICKING HERE.

FYI, Matt Drudge was the guy who first reported on the Monica L and US President Clinton interactions.

Once you have acquired a taste for the Drudge Report, I suspect that you will never go back to more tradition news reporting sites. It is also a site to check out multiple times per day, as breaking news gets updates posted.

Hopefully, you may also acquire a taste for this Blog…


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  1. uniquelytoronto

    Hi Rosieryey. The amount of Spam via the comments is surprising. I wonder why the spammers bother. It also messes me up, because sometimes it’s hard to tell for sure. In hindsight I have deleted comments, which I now know should have remained. I’m a Newbie at this, so not a good person to ask. Wish I could help, but I’m looking for answers much like you.