Beware of the Ides of March.

Back when Rome ruled Europe and the Middle East, the Ides of March was a day dedicated to Mars the God of War. March usually brings with it the first signs of Spring. With change comes uncertainty.

English: North Korea

English: North Korea (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

North Korea has indicated that it will cancel the 1950s Cease Fire Agreement with South Korea. Tentatively the date for that action is said to be Mar 11. Not a good omen, especially in the year of the venomous Water Snake.

As an investor I have always been cautious about March, not just the Ides of March (Mar 15th). It seems that market reversals in the past,  have begun in March for no apparent reason.

Recently, the US Stock Market is pushing upwards to new heights. That while the city of Detroit, continues as a vivid example of economic reality and what I believe to be the economic future awaiting Europe and the US.

I recently viewed a video of a speech made by Yang Lan, a self-made Chinese Billionaire. In that video she claimed that approx 80% of Chinese youth graduate from College. If my memory is correct and that figure is accurate, then we in the West are in deep trouble. I will do a future post about Yang Lan and the growing numbers of Billionaires in China.

Will there be a Market Correction this month? Who knows.

It is always a good idea to watch one’s Stop Loss price. I have found it better to take a minor loss instead of sitting on an ever-growing loss, while hoping and praying. I have also found that taking that quick small loss is extremely hard to get used to doing. It is far easier for me to continue to hold, hope and pray while a stock price spirals down the drain.

If you can protect your capital, then you will likely continue to have something to bet with at the market Casinos. Capital Preservation can allow one to stay in the game.

War and Financial Markets know each other very well. Keeping an eye on my  Stop Loss.

Beware of March, especially the Ides of March.

Posted by: Vincent Banial

Disclaimer: I am not a registered Financial or Investment Advisor. The above is not meant to be Financial or Investment advice. Do your own Due Diligence. Always seek out the advice of your own Professional Financial and Investment Advisors. The above was posted for entertainment purposes only. You can lose money, possibly all of it, when placing bets at the any of the Financial Markets Casinos.


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