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Something seems wrong with the chart of the Nasdaq NDX index.

Nasdaq- NDX

Weekly Nasdaq NDX Index. Photo credit ccvic.zenfolio.com

My conjecture is that the chart of the NDX index is showing a Head & Shoulders or Triple Top formation. I could also make a case for a George Lindsay Three Peaks and Domed House chart formation.  Stranger still is that the VIX is sitting at five year lows. Continue reading


Beware of the Ides of March.

Back when Rome ruled Europe and the Middle East, the Ides of March was a day dedicated to Mars the God of War. March usually brings with it the first signs of Spring. With change comes uncertainty.

English: North Korea

English: North Korea (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

North Korea has indicated that it will cancel the 1950s Cease Fire Agreement with South Korea. Tentatively the date for that action is said to be Mar 11. Not a good omen, especially in the year of the venomous Water Snake. Continue reading