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Anita Moorjani died due to massive Cancer Tumors all over her body. She came back to Life. In this video Anita describes her Near Death Experience.

When Death arrives there is an emptiness which fills the room. But what dies? You are not your borrowed body. When your borrowed body dies, you do not. Many who have died and came back describe what is now called Near Death Experience.

There is life beyond the Death of your borrowed body. Anita Moorjani has been there and done that, so to speak. Her borrowed body had died, yet she was still very much alive. She describes her NDE and some the lessons which she learned from it. Upon coming back from Death, her cancer tumours started to shrink and disappeared.

Some amazing lessons in Anita’s presentation.

Video is courtesy of the NewHeaven NewEarth YouTube Channel

Anita was persuaded to write a book about her Near Death Experience. That book was titled: “Dying To Be Me: My Journey from Cancer, to Near Death, to True Healing“. It is available from Amazon. Clickiing on the book title above will take you to Amazon’s website.

Anita Moorjani’s Website Anita Moorjami’s website

Anita Moorjani also has a Facebook page at: Anita.Moorjani’s Facebook Page


Photos of Platinum Blonde performing at the CNE Bandshell in Toronto on Friday Aug 22 2014

Platinum Blonde to rock the CNE Bandshell stage on Fri Aug 22

Photo of Platinum Blonde. Photo Credit CLiK CLiK Vic

Platinum Blonde. Photo Credit CLiK CLiK Vic

On Fri Aug 22, the CNE Bandshell will host Platinum Blonde, one of Canada’s hottest bands of the 1980s.. You’ll get to hear ‘Crying Over You” and Standing in the Dark” and many other favorites, performed live.

Dwayne Gretzky will be the opening act that evening.

Video is courtesy of the AFTERLIGT FILMS YouTube channel

CNE Bandshell Concerts 2014

CNE Princess gates - historic photo courtesy of the CNE

CNE Princess gates – historic photo courtesy of the CNE

The CNE is set to open for another season of fun, games and concerts.  Last year we posted a listing of Bandshell concerts which was really well received, so here we go again.

CNE Bandshell Concert dates. All shows listed will start at 7:30pm:

Aug 15  Fri   Down With Webster. Outasight will be the opening act.

Aug 16  Sat   The Mavericks.

Aug 17  Sun  Kailah Kher.

Aug 19  Tue   Christopher Cross. Ash & Bloom will open.

Aug 20  Wed   The Mighty Diamonds. Jay Douglas and Paoblo Paul will open.

Aug 21  Thurs   Jose Feliciano

Aug 22  Fri   Platinum Blonde. with Dwayne Gretzky opening.

Aug 23  Sat   Gord Bamford. Tebey will open.

Aug 24  Sun   The Orchestra – made up of former members of Electric Light Orchestra. Francesco Yates to open.

Aug 26  Tue   These Kids Wear Crowns. Eleven Past One will be te middle act. Opening the night will be PRTY H3RO

Aug 27  Wed   April Wine with Bleeker Ridge opening.

Aug 28  Thurs  Hanson. Opening act will be The Seasons

Aug 29  Fri   The Hicks. Kira Isabella and Abrams Brothers will open.

Aug 30 Sat   Tom Cochrane. Autumns Cannon is the opening act.

Aug 31 Sun Rising Star Talent Competition Finals. Starts at 7pm

Click on this line to view of 2014 CNE Concerts list for the Midway Stage.


Posted by Vincent Banial for Uniquely Toronto

Disclaimer: All shows, dates and time listed above are subject to change without notice.