Tina S covers Through the Fire and Flames originally by DragonForce

Tina S taps, shreds and literally smokes Through the Fire and Flames.

This 15 Year French female performs pure magic on the fretboard. Many musicians visit my sites and I hope that they view the Tina S videos. Astoundingly perfect Guitar work by Tina S.

If you disagree, then plse post your video of you playing Through the Fire and Flames. I will gladly post about it. Till then, may you all enjoy Tina S playing something extremely difficult to play and doing so brilliantly.

Video is courtesy of the Tina S YouTube channel


Just for fun, below you will find the video posted on the DragonForce YouTube channel. Plse note that what you hear was recorded in a “Studio environment”. Who knows how many takes it took to lay down that track. Tina S played the song in one single take.


Video is courtesy of the DragonForce YouTube channel



Posted by: Vincent Banial for Uniquely Toronto

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