Behind Blue Eyes – awesome cover version performed by Mike Masse

Life does not change by itself.

When you’re flying high, you can see the world full of opportunities below and it’s fun and real easy to swoop down and try to grab onto them.

When the stark winds of darkness unexpectedly cross your path and you crash-land, life’s opportunities are still there waiting. It’s just that you can’t see the forest because all the damn trees are getting in the way. One’s Risk Aversion grows exponentially.

When Risk Aversion kicks into full gear, it is extraordinarily difficult to make any sort of change. You could feel stuck in a situation which is killing your soul, yet you tell yourself to hang in there “because things could get better”. Hey, they never do. More often than not, things just get worse and worse.

This awesome cover of Behind Blue Eyes is performed by a Singer and Guitarist named Mike Masse.

 Video is courtesy of the Mike Masse YouTube channel

Mike’s cover version is great. Very nice Guitar work and Mike’s voice is an amazing fit for Behind Blue Eyes. Hope that you all enjoy this as much I do.

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Posted by: Vincent Banial

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