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Mick Jagger tweeted that he is on the Mend after his Heart Valve Replacement Surgery


After his Heart valve Replacement Surgery Mick Jagger tweeted to his fans that he is on the mend. Great news.

Above Tweet is courtesy of Mick Jagger and his Twitter account.

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Mick Jagger, of the Rolling Stones, to get Heart Valve Replacement surgery in New York

This world exclusive news report had been posted on Matt Drudge’s website called Drudge Report.

The Drudge Report had posted that Mick Jagger is to get a replacement Heart valve this week.

Click on this link to visit the Mayo Clinic website to learn about Heart valve Replacement surgery.

Video is courtesy of The Rolling Stones YouTube channel

Click on this link to visit the Johns Hopkins Medcine website to read their post titled: “Heart Valve Repair or Replacement Surgery“.

Other news sites have also posted about this. Click on this link to visit the Reuters website to read their news post titled: Mick Jagger to undergo heart valve replacement surgery: Drudge Report“.

If it is true, then I hope that Mick’s surgery is successful and that he has a speedy recovery. As noted on the Drudge Report, Mick’s physical Health was excellent.

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“Desert Trip” Festival featuring The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Paul McCartney, Neil Young, Roger Waters and The Who.

Goldenvoice, the folks who brought you Coachella and Stagecoach in April 2016, have confirmed Desert Trip Festival featuring The Rolling StonesBob DylanPaul McCartneyNeil YoungRoger Waters and The Who.

Mark you Calendars and Day Timers for October 7, 8 & 9th.

That is when the Desert Trip” Festival will be held. You will not believe the lineup.

On Oct 07: The Rolling Stones will perform. They will be followed by Bob Dylan

On Oct 08: Paul McCartney and then Neil Young will go onstage.

On Oct 09: Roger Waters (of Pink Floyd) and The Who will perform separate sets.

Each Band will perform a Full Set.

Video is courtesy of the Rolling Stones YouTube channel

Click on this line to visit the Desert Trip website for more details and to order tickets.

Click on this line to view the post about “Desert Trip” on the MXDWN.com site.

Click on this line to view The Guardian article about “Desert Trip”.

Click on this line to view the Billboard post about what refer to as being the Concert of the Century.

Click on this line to read the Canadian CBC blog post titled “What rock ‘n’ roll festival Desert Trip is missing”.

Click on this line to read the Rolling Stone Magazine article titled: “How Six Classic Rock Legends United for One Mega Festival”.

Click on this line to read The Telegraph newspaper’s article titled “Desert Trip concert: how to get tickets and everything else you need to know about the festival”.

Google had live streamed Coachella, which was also put on by Goldenvoice, so I’m kind of hoping that Google might Live stream some of the performances at Desert Trip.

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The Rolling Stones to play in Toronto. May 25 at the Air Canada Centre.

The Rolling Stones are coming to the Air Canada Centre in Toronto, on May 25. Might be the last opportunity that Torontonians will get to see these guys play live.
Just checked and there were four “centre floor” tickets left at $7,500 each. That’s at Toronto Ticket Sales. At their low end, there are two tickets left at $550 each. I was surprised since I thought that tickets were not available till next Monday.
The Ticketmaster site states that tickets are not available for sale till 10am Apr 08. The ticket price range from Ticketmaster is listed as CA $166.50 – CA $624.50. Visit Ticketmaster by clicking: The Rolling Stones at Air Canada Centre in Toronto.