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Mick Jagger tweeted that he is on the Mend after his Heart Valve Replacement Surgery


After his Heart valve Replacement Surgery Mick Jagger tweeted to his fans that he is on the mend. Great news.

Above Tweet is courtesy of Mick Jagger and his Twitter account.

Posted by Vincent Banial


The Rolling Stones to play in Toronto. May 25 at the Air Canada Centre.

The Rolling Stones are coming to the Air Canada Centre in Toronto, on May 25. Might be the last opportunity that Torontonians will get to see these guys play live.
Just checked and there were four “centre floor” tickets left at $7,500 each. That’s at Toronto Ticket Sales. At their low end, there are two tickets left at $550 each. I was surprised since I thought that tickets were not available till next Monday.
The Ticketmaster site states that tickets are not available for sale till 10am Apr 08. The ticket price range from Ticketmaster is listed as CA $166.50 – CA $624.50. Visit Ticketmaster by clicking: The Rolling Stones at Air Canada Centre in Toronto.