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IMHO the Stock Market party is almost over

Back in Dec I called that the upcoming stock market rally would be a “Sucker Rally“, which would allow deeper pockets to off load their stock holdings. BlackRock’s Chief Equity Strategist Kate Moore called it a “Risk Rally” when she recently stated “A lot of the investors within BlackRock and around the street have been using the big rally in stocks as an opportunity to fade some risk, and rebalancing portfolios. I’d be hard pressed to come up with a segment of our clients that was buying aggressively into this risk rally,”.

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The US Fed will be holding meetings for the next two days. They will continue to raise Interest Rates again this year. I’m just not sure if they will have a rate increase now or wait till later this year. The key excuse of raising Interest Rates is to fight Inflationary Pressure.

I have noted that Gasoline prices have stopped going down and IMHO have started to reverse back upwards. The price of fuel impacts the price of all goods sold, as those goods have to be transported. Raise the price of fuel and you trigger an increase in the Rate of Inflation. That theme was used last year to trigger Inflation Growth to help justify the increases in Internet Rates. It worked until it impacted the Stock Markets last December.

When Interest Rates are increased once more, that will imho trigger a Stock Market correction which will lead into a Major Recession. 2019 should see Stock Market and Economic changes of Historic Proportions.

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2019 Stock Market Crash coming.

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As I stated at the end of Dec, the next leg of the Stock Markets at the beginning of 2019 will be UP UP UP. Then within a month of a FED Interest Rate Hike will come a massive Stock Market Correction – aka Crash. The warning signs came at the end of 2018.

The warning signs were also evident in 2018 of the Housing Market stalling out. Home Sales should drop big time in 2019.

There is massive corporate debt. As Interest rates rise, Corporations will have a huge problem with trying to renew their growing debt loans. If a company cannot recycle their debt into new loans, then they will have to declare bankruptcy. The Bankruptcy Courts will become very busy in 2019. Job losses will mount.