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Diemonds performing at eOne Party at Gibson Showroom 2015

Diemonds at 2015 ‪eOne‬ - Gibson Showroom - CMW party

eOne Music Canada (a division of Entertainment One), #1 independent music label in North America, put on a party at the Gibson Guitars Showroom in Toronto in 2015. At the party they had some great band playing, one of which was Diemonds. The stage was tiny, light were dim but they sounded great. It was an up close and personal concert with maybe 100 plus people in the room, with the bar at the other end.

Eric Alper, an Executive at eOne, invited us to the party. Thanks again Eric. I still have no idea how you heard about me and Uniquely Toronto.

I had a set of photos of Diemonds performing at the eOne party posted on which is closed. Even Google sent me an email asking what was happening with all the 404 results, because their spiders were not finding anything on the our old zenfolio site.

I have the Flickr site up. There are things that I would change if I could, but it is a really fast site and there are tons of things which Flickr provides which are super.

I’ve posted the Diemonds photos into an album on our Flickr site. Just click on the photo above to get there.

You could also click on this line to go to our new Vincent Banial Flickr Photo site.

Love this band. To give you a taste of Diemonds I’ve embedded a video of their song DIEMONDS – GET THE F&$K OUTTA HERE

Video courtesy of the Diemonds YouTube channel

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Working on a couple of new sites

When I closed our CLiK CLiK Vic site at our library of photos went offline.

That in-turn affected some posts on this site. For example, the text of a post would come from WordPress but the photo would come from the Zenfolio site. That sped up load times for visitors.

I have setup two sites. One on Flickr and one on WordPress. Each host has it’s benefits. In the past I for some reason did not like Flickr. Having setup a quick site, I’m now impressed. It is no Zenfolio, but is impressive in it’s own right. First impression is that it is very fast.

The WordPress test site has been a battle to setup a structure that I want.

The watermark on older photos is still the one. Will have to put all the pics thru Photoshop and remove that watermark layer and add a new one.

Both of the new sites use my name. It is something that I dislike doing. For example I think that calling this site “Uniquely Toronto” is far better than naming it Vincent Banial (or a variation with my name).

The Flickr site is called Vincent Banial. I know, it’s not very creative.

Click on this line to visit the Vincent Banial Flickr site.

The WordPress site has more photos on it, but it is still under construction. Some things I like about it, other things not so much. The Flickr site is “faster” and looks better.

This also explains the quiet time on this site, with fewer new posts.