Working on a couple of new sites

When I closed our CLiK CLiK Vic site at our library of photos went offline.

That in-turn affected some posts on this site. For example, the text of a post would come from WordPress but the photo would come from the Zenfolio site. That sped up load times for visitors.

I have setup two sites. One on Flickr and one on WordPress. Each host has it’s benefits. In the past I for some reason did not like Flickr. Having setup a quick site, I’m now impressed. It is no Zenfolio, but is impressive in it’s own right. First impression is that it is very fast.

The WordPress test site has been a battle to setup a structure that I want.

The watermark on older photos is still the one. Will have to put all the pics thru Photoshop and remove that watermark layer and add a new one.

Both of the new sites use my name. It is something that I dislike doing. For example I think that calling this site “Uniquely Toronto” is far better than naming it Vincent Banial (or a variation with my name).

The Flickr site is called Vincent Banial. I know, it’s not very creative.

Click on this line to visit the Vincent Banial Flickr site.

The WordPress site has more photos on it, but it is still under construction. Some things I like about it, other things not so much. The Flickr site is “faster” and looks better.

This also explains the quiet time on this site, with fewer new posts.