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Modern Technologies found in ancient times

Fact: Time does not exist. Yes, that is a FACT.

A modern computer laptop can be found in an ancient Hieroglyphic.

Cell phones depicted in paintings many decades before they existed. Film of an audience member capturing a Boxing match with a Cell phone – yet cell phones never existed when that film was filmed.

A Cathedral has masonry work CLEARLY depicting a modern day Astronaut. That Cathedral was constructed centuries ago.

War machines  – a Tank and a Helicopter among others were depicted in Egyptian Hieroglyphics.

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Is the Universe a Simulation? 2016 Isaac Asimov Memorial Debate.

Since Time does not exist (yes that is true), the Hypothesis of what we consider to be our life being a Simulation, is possible.

What strikes me is that events occur in life and can repeat, giving one a chance to handle the event differently.

Timelines are predefined. When your timeline ends, you leave the simulation. An American female was in the Eaton Centre (Toronto) food court. Suddenly she felt ill and went outside. As soon as she left, a guy with a gun entered the food court and went to the spot where she had been sitting and started shooting people. Had she not left, she would have been shot dead.

About a month later, after returning back to the US, this same woman went to see the latest Batman Movie. As the movie started, a guy with a gun entered the theatre and started shooting people. She was shot dead. This is fact.

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This also fits into the hypothesis that Timelines are predefined – ie programed into the simulation where we think we exist.

Is the Universe a Simulation? 2016 Isaac Asimov Memorial Debate. Great debate to watch and listen to.

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Time does not exist

Quote "Time does not exist. It is really just a figment of our imagination.". Quote by Vincent Banial

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