Life and Death are predefined. Each of us has our own Timeline

Photo of the "Angel of Death". Photo credit Vincet Banial
If you make the wrong choice, life will give you another chance to make the right choice. Events will repeat, but the actors will be different. Everything could be different, except that which you are supposed to learn – ie the core reason for the event. I believe that every Human being has a predefined Timeline.

Below are two examples, which were in the News.

(UPDATE: News Link added) A long time ago, there was a shooting at the Eaton Centre (in Toronto) food court  (UPDATE: I believe that it occurred on Sat. June 02 2012). That day a female American Tourist was eating in that Eaton Centre Food Court. Suddenly she felt ill and compelled to leave the Eaton Centre and go outside. Seconds after she left, a Gunman entered the Food Court. He went to the exact location where this woman had been eating. He proceeded to shoot people in the Food Court. Had that woman been there, she would have died.(UPDATE) News Link added) I will dig out the News Reports of this. This post is based on “facts”.

This is where the concept of a Timeline comes in. Death is not random in my opinion. The woman discussed above had reached a point where her Timeline “in this life”, had come to an end.

About one month after the Eaton Centre Food Court shooting, this same woman had returned back home to the US. (UPDATE: News Link added) She and her boyfriend went to see the premiere of a new (at the time) Batman movie (UPDATE: The Dark Knight Rises)  (UPDATE: on Friday July 20 2012 in Denver Colarado).

As the Batman movie started, a stranger had entered the theater via a side door. (UPDATE: News Link added That stranger pulled out a gun and started shooting people. The woman was shot and killed. (UPDATE: News Link added) Yes, the very same women that had missed getting shot at the Eaton Centre in Toronto about a month prior, was shot and killed. This is all documented in News Reports.

(UPDATE: News Link added) Her Timeline had come to an end, and so did her life.

In another situation a couple was vacationing in Acapulco on the Pacific coast of Mexico. Their vacation had ended and so they headed for the airport, to get a flight back to Europe. They missed their flight. I forget why. The plane that they should have gotten on, ended up falling out of the sky and now sits at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean off the eastern coast of South America. By missing their flight, this couple escaped death. Or so they may have thought.

UPDATE: Jul 2016 – found one link. I had not read this one before. There are other links with more details. But this is the couple that I am talking about in this post. Click on this link to read that news post

They took a different flight and headed home (Germany, if my memory is correct). About a month later they were involved in a serious automobile crash. A piece of windshield cut off the Wife’s head and the Husband died later in the hospital. Again I believe that their Timeline had ended. I’ll find the News Reports about this.

UPDATE – Jul 2016 since our Zenfolio photo site was closed, I moved the Angle of Death photo to this site. In this post the Text came from our Workdpress site and Angel of Death photo came from our Zenfolio site (to speed page displays).

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