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Modern Technologies found in ancient times

Fact: Time does not exist. Yes, that is a FACT.

A modern computer laptop can be found in an ancient Hieroglyphic.

Cell phones depicted in paintings many decades before they existed. Film of an audience member capturing a Boxing match with a Cell phone – yet cell phones never existed when that film was filmed.

A Cathedral has masonry work CLEARLY depicting a modern day Astronaut. That Cathedral was constructed centuries ago.

War machines  – a Tank and a Helicopter among others were depicted in Egyptian Hieroglyphics.

Video is courtesy of the TOP 10 INFORMATION – TTI YouTube channel

“David Gilmour” performs “Breathe” and “Time” at The Royal Albert Hall in 2006

These songs spoke of the future, when Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon album was released.

David Gilmour”  live performance of the songs “Breathe” and “Time” at The  Royal Albert Hall in 2006.

Video is courtesy of the HDPinkFloyd YouTube channel