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3 research-backed ways to speed up your language learning

3 research-backed ways to speed up your language learning.

Click on the above link to read a great post courtesy of Katie Harris. She runs a superb blog, called “TEFL research”. Her passion is Language Learning. The part that I love about her blog is that she also does extensive research and backs up her posts with links to published research papers.
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Want to learn a new language ? is a great website which makes learning a new language easy and fun brings language learning into the modern age.

Video is courtesy of the Babble YouTube channel

Babbel mobile apps can help you learn a new language by using your mobile device. Both Android and Apple IOS devices are supported by Babbel Apps.

When  at home or at the office, Babbel can be used with your home/office computer. can be accessed by any Windows-based PC, Apple Mac based computer or Linux machine.

Babbel’s foundation is based on the idea that  “Learning should be easy and effective”

Take a few minutes each day and before you know you will have started to learn a new language.

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