3 research-backed ways to speed up your language learning

3 research-backed ways to speed up your language learning.

Click on the above link to read a great post courtesy of Katie Harris. She runs a superb blog, called “TEFL research”. Her passion is Language Learning. The part that I love about her blog is that she also does extensive research and backs up her posts with links to published research papers.

In the blog post linked to above, she discussed a Stanford University study about how making people feel part of Team is extremely important. Those research findings can apply to learning a new language and also to other aspects of life, such as being in a Band, working in Retail or just being a Family Member. How many marriages fall apart, because one the partners no longer feels like they are part of a Team.

Katie’s blog is “well worth” following.

Plse visit “TEFL research” at http://teflresearch.com

Posted by: Vincent Banial for Uniquely Toronto

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