Our CLiK CLiK Vic Zenfolio site is now closed

Our CLiK CLiK Vic Zenfolio photo site/blog is no more. Lack of free time prevented me from running multiple sites. Google does not like finding duplicate posts. I found that out the hard way when I had two very highly similar (not quite but pretty much  duplicates) posts on here and on the Zenfolio site. When Google got wind of the two posts, they stopped sending their Spiders. It has taken much effort to get Indexed again.

IN the past, I had also linked photos from our Zenfolio site to posts on this site. Those photos will no longer display. I’ll have to move photos to WordPress and kill the external site links. Great, more work to do with less and less time time to do it.

If a photo resided on our Zenfolio site you will get a msg icon saying that the item is being Protected by the owner (moi) because the Zenfolio site is no longer connected to the internet.

The above will have no effect on the newer posts. Some older posts could be affected. Bear with me while I move the photos over to this site.

BTW I think that Zenfolio.com is a great hosting company. If I had the time and or staff then I would have kept that site online..