Immortals or is it Reincarnation

I’ll state where I’m coming from. Your mileage may differ.

Time does not exist. That is a statement of fact. It has yet to be proven that “Time” exists beyond your imagination. I’m serious. Quantum Physics offers proof of the non-existance of the thing which we call “Time”.

You continue to exist after the death of your borrowed body. Millions of people have died and have come back from death and have spoken about it. The common term is Near Death Experience. The one major common point with all of them, is that you continue to “exist” after your borrowed body dies.

Reincarnation exists. Been there. Done that.

The following video really makes one wonder. How is it that two people can look so very much alike and not be identical twins? Answer is that the photos are of the same person, but taken during a different lifetime. Photos don’t lie (if they have not been Photoshoped), do they? They say that your Genes control how your body will turn out after birth. Not quite. That which is you (some call it your Soul or Spirit) does not change and somehow controls the projected image which others will pick up when they create their own reality. It’s also true that what you perceive as being Reality, also does not exist. Just as “Time” is imagined, so your Reality is also imagined. That is my explanation why you have photos and or painting or sculptures created years apart (as in centuries) of identical looking people. It’s the same individual Soul or Spirit, but in a different lifetime.

All the above is fact. If you don’t believe me, then do some research into the findings coming out from Quantum Physics Research.

Click on this line to view the YouTube video, showing side by side photos of people currently alive and those that have long gone. Surprisingly (or not – depends on your own mileage) the two individuals look like identical twins. Videos was posted to the the Marko Andruss YouTube channel.


Posted by: Vincent Banial

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