Apple USB-C Charge Cable Replacement Program

Did you purchase a Macbook back in 2015?

Did you purchase a USB-C charging cable from Apple in 2015?

Seems that there has been “a design issue” which has caused the failure of a limited number of Apple USB-C charge cables that were included with MacBook computers through June 2015 and or sold as a stand alone accessory cable. The affected USB-C cables fall into a specfic serial number range

Apple has setup a replacement process for eligible MacBook owners and stand alone USB-C cable purchasers to receive a new USB-C charge cable. All Apple supplied USB-C cables apparently have serial numbers. The Apple page linked to below, details how to find the serial number on the USB-C cable.

Please click on this line to view the official Apple page regarding their USB-C replacement process.

Click on this line to view the Apple image of their USB-C cable on the Apple site.

The following is a quote with more info from Apple’s page regarding this issue:

Additional Information

This worldwide Apple program does not extend the standard warranty coverage of the MacBook.

If you believe you have paid for a replacement due to this issue, contact Apple regarding a refund.

The program covers the affected USB-C charge cables until June 8, 2018.


Posted by: Vincent Banial

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