AMD Zen CPUs to arrive in 2016

When AMD launched their Athalon processors, they caught Intel sleeping. AMD Athalon CPUs were way faster than Intel CPUs, at that time.

Since then Intel has caught up and surpassed AMD in Performance and Low Power usage.

The upcoming AMD Zen CPUs will have up to 32 Cores, via two 16 Core modules. Bandwidth will be covered by using 8 channel DDR4 memory.

What has not leaked out yet is the Graphics performance. Intel has cross licensing agreements with NVidia. That has allowed Intel to vastly increase the graphics performance of their 5th and 6th generation CPU chips. AMD purchased ATI years ago. It will be interesting to see how the graphics performance will be increased in the AMD Zen CPUs.

AMD did release details on AMD’s Polaris architecture-based 14nm FinFET GPU. The new Zen CPUs are also based on 14nm FinFETs. Combine Polaris with Zen and AMD could be set to deliver jaw dropping performance. Maybe the days of AMD Athalon launch are about to be repeated.

We have had Tablets sell and die. Phones had great sales and then died. Laptops are having their surge in sales and their sales will start to die. Next up should be re-surging sales of Desktops. Leading the way could be powerful Workstations and Gaming Machines. Operating Systems have continued to bloat. Having 32 processors with Symmetrical Multithreading will help overcome that bloat.

Desktop computing is alive and well.

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Posted by: Vincent Banial

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