“It’s Your Life, just take it. It’s the Road to Happiness.”. Extraordinary Artist “Mariusz Kędzierski”

Video is courtesy of the krugermatz YouTube channel

“It’s Your Life, just take it. It’s the road to Happiness”

This is a video interview with Mariusz Kędzierski.

Who is he?

Mariusz is an amazing Artist who draws eye popping “Photo Realistic” drawings of people. BTW, he was born “without arms”.

Mariusz had found his love of Art by age 6. The fact that he had been born with no arms did not stop him. He continued to follow his Dream.

The phrase in the title of this post is the theme of a Major Polish Television Show:

“It’s Your Life, just take it. It’s the Road to Happiness.”

I’ll be blunt. If a guy who has no arms is able to produce photo realistic portraits of people, then what the hell are “you” waiting for?

That also applies to me. I wish that I had followed my Dreams.

Follow your Dreams, as you don’t get to live your life over.

Click on this line to visit the Mariusz Kędzierski Facebook page.

I know that many rather wealthy individuals visit Uniquely Toronto (including a number of Millionaires and at least one Billionaire). Some of you are extremely successful Musicians. Some of you are extraordinary equity Investors and Traders. Some of you are very successful Business people. The key is that you have the means to possibly help this Artist out. In the interview he speaks of the costs involved in having shows of his Art at Galleries. In the interview he spoke of travel costs, as he has to be at each Gallery Showing.

I am now going to do something which I have “never done“. 

If possible, could you folks have your people get in touch with Mariusz Kędzierski, to see if you could help fund (or become a Corporate Sponsor of) some his Gallery shows. Another option might be to Commission him to create portraits of Corporate Board Members and or Family Portraits. Your help could make a huge difference for Mariusz Kędzierski.

This Artist has been featured in National Geographic (Polish edition). Click these line to view the National Geographic writeup.

If you have the means, please consider Helping or Sponsoring Mariusz. You can get in touch with him via his Facebook page or contact National Geographic and they will give you his contact info.

The video below is an interview with Mariusz on official Polish TV.

Video is courtesy of the naszaswidnicapl YouTube channel


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