Posts that are on the plate for the near future

I’m really messed up for time. I love posting to this site, but the really good posts take time to research.

This is also a reminder to myself. The following are some of the things that should show up in the future.

Human Embryos have been genetically modified. The results show that the modification took hold in around 20%+ of the actual Human Embryos. There were also “other” unexpected genetic changes. Frankenstein lives. This stuff can change the course of Humanity, because the changes that they made become hereditary. Who knows what affect that may have on future generations.

A new Medical Study was recently published which supposedly  linked Vitamin intake with a higher risk of Cancer (and possibly other problems).

The above study jogged my memory about a Medical Study which was done years ago, which supposedly showed a link between developing Heart related problems and Calcium supplementation. Supposedly Vitamin D can help. After that study came out I took my Mother off Calcium supplements. You can get enough Calcium via a better diet and again Vitamin D supposedly helps. I’ll find that research for a future post.

Even though I was invited to shoot Junos events in Hamilton this year, I could not make it. The Country Music Awards are coming up next month, I’ll see if I can schedule that in.

I’ve been charging camera batteries. I shoot with Nikon, Canon, FujiFilm, Pentax and Sony DSLRs. The cameras were purchased because they solved certain problems at the time. Last year I shot mainly with Sony gear. This year I want to go back to Nikon because I had picked up a Sigma 100-300mm f4 lens last year. Hard to find used. That lens is legendary. Almost picked up a 300mm f2.8 in a Sony mount – I should have purchased it in hindsight.

New Microsoft Surface will be released in May. That could kill the Asus Transformer. Bet ya that Asus will have an answer.

The new Intel Mobile chip may have changed the game. Two different brands of computer can use the same new Intel CPUs, but they can have different levels of performance. If this continues it will be a major change to doing comparison shopping for new Computer gear. The latest Lenovo Yoga uses the new Intel Cpu and the reviews have been interesting to say the least (Google is your friend).

Samsung will soon be releasing it’s new TAB S2 family. The original Samsung TAB S is an amazing tablet series.

Baseball will soon be back at Christie Pits. I used to love catching a game there on Sundays.

Shooting season is coming back. Will hit some Exotic Car meets in May.

The problem is that I do not have much in the way of time till May.

I’ll try to post these short updates until things go back to normal (whatever normal is supposed to be).